Wire sawing is ideal for cutting larger sections of masonry, reinforced concrete, as there are very few restrictions on the size and depth of openings required. This is a fast method of cutting, with low noise emissions. Wire sawing can be carried out horizontally, vertically or inverted or for any awkward shapes making this an extremely versatile cutting method.

A wire saw is often used for heavily reinforced concrete, such as towers of bridge sections or in areas where work space is restricted. Wire sawing works by using a beaded diamond wire wrapped around the item to be cut and then through a series of pulleys, allowing virtually any depth or shape of structure to be cut. The wire is cooled by free flowing water at all times as this helps with the cutting and keeps the electric, hydraulic motors from over heating. The wire is pulled through the structure and any excess wire is then stored within the pulley system. This method is extremely useful in cutting through steel pipes when carrying out renewal works by water companies.