Hydraulic bursting

Controlled Demolition

Hydraulic bursting is a method of controlled demolition comprised of diamond drilling a series of holes in predetermined positions through the wall or floor in question, and then using the hydraulic burster to force the concrete to crack, therefore enabling removal. The concrete bursting system is particularly suited to the demolition of foundations, pillars, bearers and concrete walls over 300mm (12") thick.

The burster heads are inserted into the pre-drilled hole and as the lateral pressure from the motor through to the burster heads builds against the sides of the holes, cracks are induced in the concrete, following the weaknesses created by the other, previously drilled holes. The depth can be increased by adding more burster heads. The maximum bursting power possible amounts to 2000 ton's psi. The hydraulic bursting demolition method is very quiet and non-vibrational and can be carried out within occupied areas.

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