Efficient Concrete Crushing

Hydraulic crunching is an all-round efficient concrete crushing method, for use in all general demolition contracts. Hydraulic crunching demolition is virtually emission free, i.e. they do not produce any noise, water, dust or vibration. The 2 man operated G shaped jaws are positioned onto the edge of the concrete structure to be removed. Hydraulic power forces the jaws shut crushing the concrete into small sections. This process is repeated until the structure is removed.

Powered by electricity large removal works are effortless both internal and externally. Due to the compact size of the jaws makes it very versatile enough to work in restricted areas. Structural integrity is not compromised by the hydraulic crunching method of demolition as this is a non percussive method. Hand held crunchers have an effective jaw capacity up to 300mm depths. For more detailed or technical information please contact us.

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