Robotic Brokking


Remote Controlled Brokk Machinery

Robotic demolition is carried out by our varied range of Brokk machines 40, 90, 150 and 180 to overcome any site requirements. Our Brokk machinery is powered by 3 phase electricity, and being remote controlled means the operator can work from a safe position and have no vibrational issues associated with hand and arm vibration (white finger). This is ideal for internal and external heavy demolition works, where a fume free environment is required.

It is possible to attach peckers and buckets to this machine. It has the capability to climb staircases, and entering doorways of 900mm wide. The radio controlled brokking system means the operator has good views of the works, enabling him to supervise the job from a safe distance. This also means they are ideal for works in hostile environments e.g. kilns, allowing the operative a completely safe working system. A variety of these versatile machines are available, in various sizes to suit the required works.

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