Wall Sawing

Precise cutting with a track mounted blade

Wall sawing provides an efficient method for precise cutting by using a circular diamond blade on a track mounted unit, and is typically used to accurately cut door, vent and window openings, or similar, in any masonry, concrete structure up to a depth of 750mm. The advantages are that the machines are easily assembled to fit into most working areas and are powered by electricity.

The track is bolted to the surface to be cut, e.g. wall or floor on which the saw head motor either electric or hydraulic is attached. A diamond tipped steel blade is then attached to the saw head and by using the remote controls is rotated at high speed and lowered into the structure and traversed along the track horizontally or vertically. The blade is lowered on each pass and the cut is formed, to required depth. This method has the potential to cut over a 750mm deep if needed. Due to the machine being remote controlled this allows the operator to work from a safe environment. This method can be used to form precise cutting whether it is flush, inverted or angled to suit most requirements.


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